Welcome to Lach Fergusson's

DATE: 4 February 2006
CURRENT LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

The bike is toast. They just can't figure out what's
wrong with it and why it won't start. They've narrowed
it down to this little electric component which costs
a fortune and would cost almost double its price if
they shipped it here - and they're still not sure if
it would work after that... So i told them to pack it
up and ready it to ship back to London. The dream is
over. Nearly wept having to make that decision.

Have had a good time waiting in Cape Town in the
meantime - it's really lovely. Came back to do some
surfing and Jiu Jitsu for the week, amongst other
things that i missed the first time around. Yeah, jiu
jitsu. An american fellow i travelled with here was
friends with two guys running a studio here so i
thought what the hell, i did high school wrestling!
Every night we came back to the backpackers bruised
and wrecked we told everyon we'd been out at ballroom
dancing lessons - that foxtrot is murder! Shame the
surf was terrible this week (like i'm a pro or
anything) and not worth renting the boards. Done some
hiking and cliff jumping (into water) and abseiled 65m
through a waterfall. You can even meander through the
streets here from cafe to cafe and enjoy the sunny
patios - complete reversal of Jo'berg, which was wet
and boring and isolating.

So far, i've only been muged by fleas. Yeah, fleas!!??
Seems my bed or a couch or something at the last
backpackers was full of them and i awoke 2 days ago
riddled with bites. I thought maybe i picked up some
skin infection from someone at the jiu jitsu. But saw
a Doctor this morning and he was certain it wasn't an
infection, but looked very much like flea bites and
they'd all subside after a few days. Yuck. Glad i
moved to a new place for tonight! Though, the last
place wasn't an apparent flea-pit.

So now i'm without wheels - WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING
TO DO!!?? I was tempted to head further up the coast
and spend the rest of my last 4 weeks surfing and
climbing and holidaying, but that just wouldn't really
do now would it. I thought about heading around
southern africa by backpack and public transport, but
i 'chickened out' and will be leaving with on a 3 week
overland tour to Victoria Falls. I feel a little
chumpy - what on earth does a seasoned traveller and
newly grizzled overlander need to get led about by the
nose on a tour for! Well, it will be cheaper and
faster than if i did it on my own means, and it will
get me properly into the 'bush' as well. Oh hell. I've
got to keep a positive attidude.

You can check out the tour here to get and idea of
where i'm going:

I won't have many chances at email for the next 3
weeks, so you might not hear much from me - but i'll
be in the warm and safe custody of Nomad Tours, almost
TOO safe...

love ya!