Welcome to Lach Fergusson's

Welcome to the ongoing internet account of Lach Fergusson's one man overland adventure!

Lach will travel from the London to Capetown atop his trusty teal and white Honda Dominator and this page contains his notes, photos and messages from the field. Check in often for updates, as Lach will send in new goodies whenever he can!

July 18, 2006: REALLY, this is the End

May 05, 2006: Bungie jumping and more!
April 12th, 2006: The End (sort of)
February 26th, 2006: The Smoke that Thunders
February 4th, 2006: Mario has left the building
January 26th, 2006: Mario's sick but the fun goes on
December 08, 2005: Sun, Sand, Surf and Mandy
December 07, 2005: Previously, crossing the Sudan...
November 30, 2005: Unfortunate Events
November 06, 2005: Pyramids & Mummies
October 29, 2005: Petra & the Dead Sea
October 28, 2005: The Valley of Love...?
October 24, 2005: Riding in the rain
October 15, 2005: Starting at the beginning
October 10, 2005: Turkey, Greece, and crash #1
September 29, 2005: The adventure begins!
September 02, 2005: Bike is almost ready to go!